Are you still not using Twitter?

I connect to Twitter as I do every day and I read that John McCain is going to the Tonight Show for an interview: "Taping an interview with Conan O'Brien for The Tonight Show - watch tonight!!" that is what his tweet says...
Good for me that I have NBC Europe on my Cable TV and I will be able to watch it.

McCain boasts nearly 1.3 million followers in Twitter, 2cnd most followed american politician after Barack Obama. "It's amazing when you think about it," McCain said, marveling at Twitter's global reach.

An interesting story that shows the power of Twitter is when he explains his recent visit to Irak. He was surprised that the prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan knew the details of the northern Arizona hiking trip he took last month. He says, 'Oh yeah, I follow you on Twitter. Weren't you in Canyon de Chelly with your son a few days ago?'

Here is the complete interview.