Ashton Kutcher wins Twitter battle

The weirdest media showdown of all time is over! Actor Ashton Kutcher has beat CNN in a race to be the 1st Twitter user to reach 1 million followers.

Last week, during his interview at Larry King's show, Ashton explained the use he gets from Twitter and how he shares his experiences with his fans trought this social network. 
But not only that, he even bet that he would obtain more followers that the own CNN in only one week. At that moment both had close to 800.000 followers, so the idea was to see who could reach the 1 million figure before.

A few days later, Larry King even posted a video in youtube responding the challenge Kutcher laid out:

But Ashton won...

"We can and will create our media" said Kutcher, who celebrated his victory with champagne and by posting the tweet: "Victory is ours!"