What are you listening to?

Blip.fm is a popular microblogging service that allows you to twitt your favorite songs and to establish social groups about music.

What do you get when you sign up? 
Access to millions of streaming songs, your own music station,  station programmed by your friends, an audience of music enthusiats, and also the opportunity to integrate it with your Twitter, Blog, FriendFeed and many other 2.0 websites.

So, tell me, what are you listening to?

My music station is: blip.fm/orillevat


Marc Ambit said…
És un servei que m'agrada força. M'hi falta la opció de fer replies directes, però està de conya, la veritat.
Oriol Llevat said…
Gràcies a tu que el conec! :-)
Marc Ambit said…
Ah sí? Ostres, que wai! Doncs me n'alegro molt de que t'agradi!