Quotes, slogans and brands

Today, while I was walking around the shops in L'Illa Diagonal, I stopped in front of the Chanel store. Is not that I usually will take a look at his shop window, it was his new slogan that called my attention:

"Chanel. Fashion fades, only style remains the same".

This quote was said by his creator, Coco Chanel in the 50's decade, and now they are using it as their slogan. How great this is! Instead of using a normal slogan as many other brands, they prefeer to use this quote. Certain is that they could also have used Marilyn's Chanel N.5 quote, but I guess this one is already old-fashioned.

Attracted by this idea, I have started searching on the internet if other companies are also using famous quotes as slogans, but unfortunality I haven't found many.

Although, I will recommend Microsoft to hold on to their actual slogan "your potential, our passion", instead of Bill Gate's 1983 quote: "640K ouht to be enough for anybody".