Product Placement in Social Networks

By definition, the product placement or embedded marketing, is a type of advertising in which promotional advertisements are placed by marketers using real commercial products and services in media, where the presence of a particular brand is the result of an economic exchanger.

There are two kinds of product placement: 

- Active: the personage gives a direct allusion of the product or the service and stands out the characteristics or kidnness of this one. Generally appears in TV programs, reality shows, and rarely in films.
- Passive: thought the personage does not interacte with the product, this one is presented in the enviroment or into the context. You can find this on Films, video games, Music videos and reality shows.

But nowadays there is a third kind, the product placement in social networks. If you take a look in any fan page of Facebook of one of your colleagues, you can normally find a Product that your friend is fan of. 
Usually this product is loaded into Facebook by the same company and is not only presenting the qualities of using it, it also gives to the costumers the possibility to talk about it and give their impressions.
A Social Network as Facebook allows you to load the product into your profile or even send it to a friend as a present.

So that is why I think that the old way to discuss in Blogs about products, will be prompt replaced by product placement in Social Networks.