Where on Earth is Wally?

Are you ready to play again, but this time on Google Earth?

The striking young man - never without his red and white striped top hat, walking stick and glasses, had a habit of turning in the most unlikely and cro
wded places.

Now a Canadian artist has brought the game into the 21st Century, by painting an enormous Wally that can be seen by Google Earth satellites.

The 55 feet figure was installed on a undisclosed rooftop in Vancouver last month... 

But comepetition is tough. Not only do they have to locate his roof perch, they also have to wait for Google's imaging equipment to pick him up, which could happen at any time!

To find him you can find tracks every week on Daily Telegraph's website and also on this blog: www.whereonearthiswaldo.com


wally is actually Waldo for English speakers
Oriol Llevat said…
only in USA, not in UK + Ireland