Twitter, a marketing opportunity

Twitter not only allows you to create social networks and to add small notes showing "what you are doing". Nowadays, companies are using it as a marketing strategy. That way they are improving themselves across this phenomenon that appeared inadvertently as a simple pastime.

Some example of companies using Twitter are: eDreams, TerminalA, El País, CNN and the BBC.

Althought, loading a company into Twitter can be complicated. I believe that it is necessary to support a great human sensation in what they are publishing, and at the same time it has to be something entertaining enough and sufficiently interesting in order to have as many followers as possible. I think one of the best examples is what Minube is doing with his profile.

Join Twitter and tell us what are you doing!


ay at Techcrunch there was a post annoucnicn that twitter has passed 1 billion (english billion) of teets.
Oriol Llevat said…
I've also read that Twitter has already 3M users. Far away from the 95M from Facebook, but already a good mark.