Google Streetview

Yesterday came out the New Gadget from Google. Streetview!

This is not brand new, because QDQ has been using it since 3 years. But obviously this one is from Google, and they always have a "plus".
I like how you can move around the city, actually it seems like you are walking on it.
I just had a tour around NYC and I've found this spot, do you recognize it?


enricbiosca said…

This is an amazing google gadget, but is not new. One year ago I visited San Francisco at street view.
But now we can visit Barcelona.

Enjoy google again.

PS: Oriol, Congratulations for your blog
Oriol Llevat said…
you are right Enric, I meant new in Barcelona...

thank you too!
Pasqual said…
Of course that I recognize this view, not because it riminds me that very famous soap opera "Friends", which I didn't watch, but because you told me that while standing there before.